The Bird Clock of Magical Manifestation in Cooperation With Infinite Intent ~ Join the Grandest Adventure into the New Reality

Dear Ones

This coming week we begin a deep dive into the most magical and potent Tool and evolutionary device of all the Tools received by Almine.   And our ability to wield its power is in measure as we live in the 5 ascension attitudes of Praise, Love, Gratitude, Trust, and Hope.  Why is this so?

The Original Ones are the portals of open-ended alchemy for the ever deepening  Embodiment of the Infinite in its Creation.

The ascension attitudes act as passkeys to deeper levels of reality on each of the parallel realities that we are here to bridge.   We are the ones who establish the communication pathways between all dimensions, so that evolution happens from the core out….as below so above.  Every time that we overcome appearances through living the ascension attitude of that field, we establish the new ‘neural’ pathways of self-communication with our vastness, and thereby unleash and access resources that we trapped in static patterns and programs of illusion. The Bird Clock is THE Device that coordinates and optimizes this so that new paths in one area reverberate and create higher entrainment fields for other pathways to yield to fluidity.

This Tool has be in greater awe and praise the more that I study it.

We begin the program this week and I suspect that we will be working toward full alignment to coincide with the emerging of the Eternal Mind on the Summer Solstice. This will unlock tremendous manifestation power with the Bird Clock, in time.

For those who plan to join who have not yet signed up. please do so today.

I will post a general plan next, so you know what to expect…we will being with preparation this week, which is very important because the Bird Clock is so powerful, and alignment will serve us well!

Just a note, I have experienced big challenges this past week that has delayed most of my work by one week, but it made it so clear that preparation is the first step!

  *   *   *   *   *

So excited to finally be sharing my excitement about this most miraculous Tool!

To sign up, here is the link: The Bird Clock ~ A Most Potent Tool of High Magic Manifestation and Leveraged Body Evolution – Adventures in Boundlessness

For those who are not sure about coordinating time to be on live webinars. the deep dive parts have been pre-recorded, and live webinars will also be recorded and posted the same day. 

All participants will be set up on the Bird Clock app, and you will get instructions on how to set it up physically, as the combination is most ideal. 

From Unwavering Hope and Trust, Holding Visions Sublime for a New Earth!

With Love and Appreciation




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