Sunday May 10th 2020 ~ Monumental Cosmic Shifts

Map of Potentials Day 114 – Amber- The Tone of Explorative Omniscience (1)

As if the reality timeline shift wherein AI was no longer in the future were not enough of a blessing, Almine revealed the demise and massive cleanup of the shadow government on May 8th!!  I guess they go together, and we may hear of more incredible things in weeks to come.  Further, we can expect to see major unraveling on the world stage.

The beginning of the demise of the members of the Secret Government and their children, started on the 8th of May. They were found guilty of genocide against humanity. They would die by the same methods they unleashed among men. The beginning of the demise of the reptilians that have disguised themselves as humans (through mind control), and have infiltrated celebrity and leadership positions, would likewise begin this day and escalate rapidly.” Almine (you can read the whole post on the Original Ones site here).

If ever there was cause for celebration for a long time to come, it’s now! This has plagued us for ages, and has made it that even with our best efforts, it often felt like an uphill battle!  Reality will now move to a higher order right away, as this darkness is purged from earth life.  We will be working with the principles of Harmlessness in weeks to come, so that we step up as custodian of all life on our beautiful Home–supporting the vulnerable to express unselfconsciously and thereby innocence to be restored in the psyche of man.

If you’ve not downloaded the new sigil of power, “I am Home” that Almine received, you may do so here. It will assist us in the challenging times of destructuring ahead.   Know that your steady gaze on ‘visions sublime’ will be a direct blessings to life now that the interference is clearing.

Also, our ability to manifest anew through self-communication has just been given a huge boost, as the programming that recreated the matrices that made it so much harder, will no longer be present once cleared.

To the Infinite, the Glory Forever and Ever! 

Today we have a rune integration across the 12 fields, to support unwavering Hope as we align with graceful transitions to the new.

Map of Potentials

Amber light of Explorative Omniscience – pro-actively applied self-confidence in our ability to achieve all that is inspired in us, or it would not be there. Actively living from that place of deep alignment where inner feeling guides us boldly along in our self-exploration.

Very interconnected and profound triangulation. From Head we explore the breadth or width of experience, which takes us to sensing from all perspectives and seeing far and wide at how all interconnects. In Heart we express from full presence on all dimensions, which means from depth of the fully active inner family–a state where expression is immediate…self-transparent….in the moment. And in Gut we live in acknowledgment of oneness…of life as the greater self. Feel width and depth, as space and time emanating from our being, and lived through oneness. How perfect as we arise as sacred government!

Fragrance Alchemy

  • Map of Potential oils – the High Magic oil for the day, is  Essence of Magic   – Clairvoyant point on the left temple
  • Principle for the Point of Limitlessness:  Releasing all relationship ties that bind by acknowledging the transient flow of others through your eternal life

* Recommended oils.

  • Apply *Forever New 2 inches below the navel (“I reclaim my resources and seal up all leaks!”)
  • * Flight of the Falcon, activates the 9th meridian, which attunes you to a benevolent reality – top or head and on LI-18 neck point (around the main carotid artery).
  • *Power of the One – can be worn anywhere
  • *Alchemist’s Oracle as you use the Runes with the Map process.
  • *Birth of Majesty – helps with discomfort of the big changes required of us.

Rune Support

We begin the 2nd cycle through the meridians, with Lung filling with inspiration from new visions from the first cycles.

Please note that you cannot do the Map process fully without the power stack and physical card decks.  But you can certainly get inspiration from the one-card pick, just not the alchemical leveraged power of the Map of Potentials process.

1-rune pick from the 11th Field of Limitless Flow


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