EMF Protection Sigils Package

    The EMF protection sigils have been received by Almine, because they are tools needed to establish ourselves in self-sovereign sacred space. The bombardment by hostile EMF/ELFs it damaging to our subtle as well as physical bodies, and it causes many unwanted physical, emotional, and mental effects, as well as lowers consciousness.

    These sigils have several functions, which you can read about below. Briefly, they are

    • To shield against hostile earth energies and geopathic stress
    • Environmental protection against EMF (electromagnetic frequencies)
    • Environmental protection against ELF (extremely low frequencies), radio waves and cell phone towers (for use on your cell phone)

    They are a MUST in this age of harmful electro-magnetic smog, to remain impervious to its ill effects.

    The package is  sold either with or without the Sacred Space alchemical oil.

    To see the options available or to make a purchase please click on the link below–you will be redirected to the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy, as the package can be sold optionally with the Sacred Space oil.

    EMF Protection Sigils Package 

    Purchasing the package with the Sacred Space oil provides a discount over purchasing separately.

    What you get:

    • A 20-page illustrated pdf (downloadable only) with information on the impact of disruptive EMF/ELFs and geopathic stress.  Suggestions are given on how to make your space EMF/ELF pollution-free with the sigils, and how to do remote protection for loved ones.
    • 2 laminated and 2 sticker (1.5 in size) cell phone sigils to neutralize the harmful effects of cell phones, for you and loved ones.
    • 5 EMF sigils (laminate and sticker) to be placed around electrical outlets.
    • 5 geopathic stress sigils (laminate and sticker) to be placed around electrical outlets.
    • 5 Power stacks to be placed under WiFi boxes, computers, beds, etc.
    • Sacred Space oil if you choose that option.
    • Meditation audio on generating the first 8 colors to maintain pristine space, along with a short video to use daily.

    If you have a large home and want additional laminates or stickers, send me an email at anita.lucia.briggs@gmail.com