Monday March 25th, The Clear Heart of Harmlessness

Golden Yellow ~ (Day 49 on the Cosmic Time Map)

We have been in a “2” day since Friday–and will continue into tomorrow, which will make it a 5-day run. We have been in A-2 for 2 days, D-2 for 2 days, and tomorrow we bring forward what we gathered in the I-2 day. All days in the golden yellow color… Golden yellow removes demonic presence, and we know demons have held chaos–the questions that would quickly destructure what we think we know.

Golden yellow also removes social conditioning.  I believe we are being called upon to really look at how much we have avoided destructuring our beliefs held in social conditioning. The “2” is about guarding against trying to save and fix, trying to get a sense of value from being needed in this manner, which is generally tied up in socially acceptable roles. Trying to save is often viewed as ‘selfless’ and an expression of love.  In an attempt to keep the peace at all costs, the Inner Nurturer self-abandons, and this is a perfect example of surrogate living that leaves a part of the self unexpressed.

Moreover, when we value one pole over its opposite, we keep life polarized and play out that theme in the ‘gap of illusion’ held open. In the gaps are where false spirit programming has thrived, and where we will find the insights we have missed in prior cycles. 

The Inner Nurturer’s role is to create a safe environment through her harmlessness. This is achieved through holding all expressions of life in an inclusive embrace of non-directional love, which allows the impure to pass through the pure, effectively canceling it out. For example, if peace is no longer preferred, and conflict is embraced as the force of breaking down the old illusions, then we can be the observer of our reality, and not needing to fix the mirrors, we are then able to sense into the true potentials that are opening up to us in the situation.   Our inspired dream of newness that may be, opens us as a portal for the Power of the One to move life in such a way to bring it about.

The transition between the disintegration of a lower order, and the formation of a higher one, can appear in the guise of cataclysmic suffering. During times when societies crumble, and old institutions falter, focus on the dream of a new tomorrow. Principle of Fluid Existence #85

This is the true power of the Inner Nurturer–she works below the surface, purifying the environment through her harmlessness that continually flows the deep peace and faith of being at one with Source. From being Home for ourself and fulfilled from within, we are able flood our reality with the blessings of our benevolent presence.

For today, live from the clear heart of the Inner Nurturer..unclouded by reactive emotions or neediness…you operate from deep inner self-contentment and fulfillment. Release needing from life in interactions with others, so that you become harmless and generative. Practice bathing all in divine compassion that has no preference, from the fullness of your heart that is like the sun that shines indiscriminately on all life…Feel a romance for life, as all yields in your tender embrace.  If you need a boost around others, flood the interactions with the golden yellow light that dissolves social conditioning so that all are free to be authentic. Take a few pauses today to feel into this state, and see what insights may come as you observe life from this vantage point.

Today on the Time Map, we are in an D2-day–a day of solving karma, with the directive to not let fear dictate choices, and not be afraid to embrace the new inspirations of our heart.  We have already discussed the “2” aspect of the day, above.

Fragrance Alchemy

  • Sacred Space oil, under the feet
  • Apply Forever New 2 inches below the navel (I reclaim my resources and seal up all leaks!)
  • Apply the 5-element oils
  • Power of the One – wear anywhere you feel to.
  • Seven Veils  is the High Magic oil for Golden Yellow days. (applied on the thymus area )  For those with Time Maps, call on your Angel God as you apply the oil.
  • Golden Flower –  around the navel area, for the Inner Nurturer
  • Alchemist’s Oracle as you use the Runes with the Time map process.
  • Flight of the Falcon, activates the 9th meridian, which attunes you to a benevolent reality.

Rune Support Here is a rune spread across the 7-fields, in support of the Inner Nurturer aspect of the Inner Family.

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