Two Brand New Fragrance Alchemy Blends!!! Available for Pre-order at 20% Discount for AiB members!

Very excited to announce two new blends that I just received from Almine:

  • “Self-Regeneration & Self-Rejuvenation through Self-Acceptance
  • “Awakening Self-Compassion”
I requested the first for Whole Being Flourishing, and the 2nd for True Self Alchemy, and only when Almine completed the blends did I realize how mutually supportive they were! She commented that they were very potent blends!  And I can attest to that as I instantly felt the presence of the angels when I asked for their support. I have used Awakening Self-Compassion in client sessions already with very noticeable shifts.
The self-regeneration blend came in with an emphasis on self-acceptance and reclaiming wholeness. It is self-regeneration and self-rejuvenation through self-acceptance. As we become self-inclusive of all of our experiences, we move into greater wholeness, which makes us open to our being on all aspects of the inner psyche and on all 8 fields of existence. The past continually dissolves in this power of renewal, erasing the stories of pain from skin, organs, muscles, bones, spine, brain, nervous system, etc, until past is no longer held as density in us. Regeneration/Rejuvenation is the effect of fluidly presencing the moment in full depth, where life moves through us as the ever renewing force of evolution.
Awakening Self-Compassion accelerates self-acceptance. It is a power of the heart that supports the activation of the High Heart. In self-compassion, we come home to the self, in profound reclaimed wholeness, and  become inclusive of all life around us. No longer separating from anything in judgment, we become a pristine field through which the impure around us simply passes through our purity and is ‘soothed’ into balanced wholeness.
It is through self-acceptance to wholeness..catalyzed by self-compassion, that we evolve to the next level where the 8th chakra is awakened.  The 8th chakra brings the deep self-recognition and self-valuing, along with the constant awareness of our highest identity as our never ending source.  It may well be the higher power of the Inner Nurturer that is the part of the inner family that enables us to become permeable by the other seven fields of existence. These blends are very timely!
For those in AiB, you can pre-order at 20% off , from now to the end of October. I don’t have the products up on the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy yet, and am waiting for the labels, but oils will ship in early November.

New Blend Prices

  • Self-Regeneration & Self-Rejuvenation through Self-Acceptance: 3.5 mls = $22 USD / 18 mls = $89 / 33 mls = $159
  • Awakening Self-Compassion: 3.5 mls – $27 / 18 mls = $99 / 33 mls = $179

With the 20% discount, the pair of oils in 3. 5mls size is: $39 USD

Email me if you wish to pre-order, for shipping in November.

Blessings of Continual Renewal & Newness through Restored Wholeness!




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2 thoughts on “Two Brand New Fragrance Alchemy Blends!!! Available for Pre-order at 20% Discount for AiB members!

  1. Lynne Smith says:

    I stopped in to see Anita on my way back to Nova Scotia yesterday and she treated me to smelling and putting on these two new incredible oils. They are exquisite….like nothing I have ever smelled. Within seconds my body was feeling them. …especially in my head. It was lighter at the bottom of my brain, but my head glands and the 3 brain centres were activated right away. That stayed for a long while, and during that happening, then I could feel the energy move down into my sternum…and then a lighter feeling in my chest. My body got a case of the ‘chills’….and that has always let me know the angels are around and when I ask questions, I know it to be in truth. (we were asking some questions) Then Anita led me through a short session using them, and in that small period of time, my body and perception shifted with renewed feelings.. I was amazed. Wow is all I can say!! Then last night, during the BVP session with Jodie and Anita, I could smell those same oils towards the end of our session. I was really surprised and checked to make sure I was really smelling these new oils…and I was. Their fragrance is unique. Coming out of that session I felt more grounded and peaceful and my mind was back to calmness (which is something I needed after visiting my son and his boys who were on huge tv screens playing video games most of the time I was there) Anita later mentioned in an email that I sent her, that she had called in those angels to assist.

  2. wendy macdonald says:

    Thank-you, Thank-you, dear Lynne, for sharing the fine details of your experience with the new oil blends! I am feeling exhilarated glad expectations as an order is on its way !!
    with love filled gratitude~

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