Sneak Peek at the Urusak nearing Completion!

It will be available soon, thanks to Dave’s tireless vision and his ability to find innovative solutions with the help of the Pleidians!!

As well the Water Magic wheels in shungite discs, and special water bottles for living, aware water is being prepared.  Almine received the alchemy when she realized just how ‘dead’ water was…stripped of its awareness particles and lost…We needed to revive water, restore oxygen (thanks to the elite shungite and devoted Guardian), and restore awareness particles, so that water would respond well to the alchemy of the Urusak device.

And you may gather from messages on the blog so far, that the High Alchemy with the Urusak will increase to the degree that we have activated the tones of the 4 Kingdoms in us….and that this is a prerequisite to activating the chakra system beyond the 7 usual chakras…

I anticipate miracles as we work with all these tools!

Details forthcoming…

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