From Simplistic and Misleading Law of Attraction….

Most have heard of the law of attraction, but since it has come out, the attractive forces of life have changed polarity and it’s not a simple thing as attracting what you focus on. So let’s leave it at that, and just say that the Law of Attraction is a lingering half truth–yes we attract what we focus on, but we also attract from other levels of our being. It is not the focus on outcomes that makes them appear, it is the cultivation of elevated states of being that causes higher outcome to manifest around us–and naturally, they will be expressions of what our Heart holds as pure desires.

When limited beliefs drive our desires, there are unwanted hidden consequences, so we need a much bigger context in order to manifest masterfully…

…to the Law of Polarity in the Matrix of Shared Paradigms of Life….

We have lived for ages under the Law of Polarity, which can also be termed the Law of Compensation, which says that for every force, there is an equal and opposite force set in motion. So if you have great light, there is great darkness; if you suppress your expression, an ‘underworld’ forms that comes at you from subconscious depth, as opposition. That is what we refer to as the mirrors of opposites. A mirror reflects things backwards, and most often in distortions. Mirrors show us what we are not. For many, thinking they are what they are not is a lifelong state of affairs, and they die never knowing themselves in truth.

Mirrors are sustained through stuck negative emotions (emotions form the building blocks of life), and belief systems. Emotions are frequency, and beliefs are light-based. Unless you are master of these building blocks of life, they exist in polarity to one another, and ‘never the twain shall meet’ between Head and Heart.

A belief system acts like an impenetrable membrane, i.e. a ‘matrix’, that is a closed in, static space where your life plays out.

Life is a hologram–in truth there is only you as the central fractal pattern of your reality…you are the projector that animates the things on the screen of life…

Only One Being exists and plays with the images of its inseparableness. (2)

Belief systems enclose a space within the vast ocean, and make claims that that is all there is.  In a bounded space, it appears some laws will be operational that would not be there in an unbounded space. It’s like examining the ocean in a big bucket of ocean water–you don’t get the full picture at all. So take away belief systems (i.e. dissolve the bucket), and the laws of life change….

Under the Law of Polarity in the bounded, static space of life, when you get great things in one area of life, another area will be depleted. This is not punishment, but rather the necessary compensation of limited resources.  You have 100 units of resources, say. If you put 50 units into your business, you have only 50 left for the rest of your life. That is a very simplified analogy. And it’s really that you only have 48 units left, because moving things around in polarity takes resources.

So many lightworkers have intuitively sensed that it’s best to lie low…fly under the radar…not make too big an impact, because of the unseen consequences of doing so.  So like a pendulum swinging, many have opted for the place where the pendulum swings near the center. But this causes stagnation, and stagnation invites degeneration as it takes energy just to maintain status quo.  So what is the way out?

What is beyond polarity?

When you learn to operate in exponential time when in activity, and timelessness when at rest…you slip between the moments into the eternal…into formless form and regeneration. You are then birthed anew in each moment.  But you don’t go anywhere, rather it’s living the physical and soul realities simultaneously. You live awake (physical) and sleep (soul) simultaneously,  life (physical) and death (soul) or masculine (P) and feminine (S) as a moebius of indivisibility rather than a polarity. Take a portion of a moebius (see note), and you’ll get a strip with 2 ends…That is what you get when you take the shoreless, infinite ocean and wall it off into bounded space through belief systems.  When you have no beliefs, you have no judgment, no resistance, no polarity.

What might happen when you live life and death in each moment? When you allow the One Life …the shoreless ocean to flow through you without resistance? 

The One Life is the animating spark of life. And so you no longer need to leave one reality in order to enter the other, because in you, they have merged. This is the state of perpetual regeneration, and it is like a perpetually blooming flower.

Note: A moebius is a figure 8 with a ‘twist’, which causes the phenomenon that you can run your finger along the outside of the band and reach the inside, and if you keep going you’ll be back on the outer surface. It is indivisible oneness, the yin (inner) and yang (outer) emerging from the One.

To The Law of Perpetual Generativity ~ Liberation to Manifest Your Very own Self-Sovereign Slice of Infinite Life

This reality comes into effect when we live light and frequency as an indivisible whole….we are the yin and yang that never separated, and yet, playing with their shifting emphases is how we create the ‘thousand things’ in our self-sovereign playground, in the virtual reality game of shaping a life of our inspired dreams.

A key characteristic of being in the reality of the boundless, shoreless ocean, wherein holds the law of perpetual generativity, is you embrace your whole environment as yourself.  And so you withhold nothing back in your expression that you pour into your environment, as it is the self giving to the self.  These are deep metaphysical truths that need to be steeped in so that they can arise as your own emerging truth. When you have the key insights, you become your own source of emerging wisdom that is new in each moment.

Generativity means what you put out multiplies several degrees from the source, which is you.  As you expand in embracing your whole environment as you, the degrees are to infinity….

Another key characteristic is that potential and its realization are also lived as an indivisible moebius, through exponential fluid responsiveness without questioning, to the inspiration you feel deep within. Without questioning is key, as the moment we question the voice of inspiration, we are putting a limited perspective and understanding (linear mind) on what cannot be known.  Linear mind lives in the bounded reality of the bucket in the ocean.

When you know yourself increasingly as the central expresser  of your environment, then waiting to follow up on inspiration because you feel your environment is not supporting you in some manner,  is doing things backwards, as it happens with all things in the mirrors. What you withhold from your environment, will be withheld from you.  What you try to take from it, will cause scarcity, In truth you give nothing to anyone, “For in truth it is life that gives unto life—while you, who deem yourself a giver, are but a witness.” (Kahlil Gibran)  You are nothing apart from the One Life, and as one, you are the current of generativity…the Fountain of Life.

Inspiration has no agenda. This is really KEY to fully grasp as well.  If you feel inspired to gift another person with a service, for example, it may seem genuine, but if you later feel they are unappreciative in some way and hold it against them, then you really had an agenda…in this case you had some level of expectation or need to be paid back in appreciation or recognition.  The bind you created from that agenda creates a gap of cause and effect. You give, but you expect something in future, which lays down a linear track. Bound to linear time, you are in the distorted reality of compensation.

Inspiration has no gap…it is between you and your environment as your expression. If you are inspired to gift another, it’s not about the other at all! It is your response to an inner stirring that nudges you to gift the other. Not because you are ‘selfless (actually your are self-full), but simply because that is what is called for in the moment. Life is such an intricate orchestration of interwoven events, you cannot possibly know the full consequences of your act of service. All you can know is that inspiration is the Voice of Divine Will, and if you follow it you are cooperating and flowing with the might of the universe through surrendered trust.

An act of true inspiration, done in devotion to shaping a life as your expression, requires nothing by way of compensation from anything external. Expressing from inspiration comes with its own fulfillment in the moment and not a future moment. You feel complete, at peace, in self-regard…things just feel ‘right’.

That leads to automatic action….you do it because it’s your best next step…it is what cause recognition of truth as a whole body felt-sense. This exponential fluid responsiveness without questioning, is a highly creative active state to be in.  It is a state that arises when we live the 5 elements in their true glorious colors and tones, unknown to beings on earth until now.

We have not been able to live this new state of perpetual generativity and regeneration until now. And that is what makes these times the most exciting ever!

How to Enter this New Reality and Tap into Our Emerging Potential as a Boundless Being?

So how do you manifest your heart’s desires, do your light work with full passionate presence, and not have an ‘equal and opposite’ force undermining you in some other area?  Because in the holographic screen of life in polarity, that equal and opposite force becomes a ‘parallel’ that runs alongside as the piper that demands its due.  The answer is quite simple, yet the process is not instantaneous.

You incorporate the parallel…you embrace your wholeness and your expression comes from the place where the two realities meet. They meet in a deeper part of you, that the great seer Almine has identified as the Field of Intent. In the body, soul, spirit model, this corresponds to spirit. The atomic level of your life changes in this field, but we won’t go into the details here. In this field, only slight intent is needed rather than intense focus, in much the same way as in a dream, you hold slight intent and the dream images and scenes will eventually add up to give solutions. Intense focus versus slight focus is the difference between faithlessness and faith in your power to shape your life. (Almine)  Slight intent assumes you have that power, and what you assume and ‘command’ is the reality you play in.  The Field of Intent is Heart-centered, and when there is the peace and poise of knowing self-empowerment, your presence permeates the physical and soul realities and polarity dissolves through harmonization…entrainment from deeper presence from where your true desires spring forth. You then manifest from fullness and beyond programming, rather than from neediness based on separation.

Another way of saying this is that you bring ‘soul’ into your daily life!  You refuse to be driven by a man-made frenzied pace of goal-setting and being slave to clock time and a tyrannical biological clock.  You begin to live the wholesomeness of one who is on his or her throne of self-empowered self-sovereignty.   You become the living bridge between these 2 polarized, parallel realities, until they blend as one in you.  Then as life expresses through you, it does so from your wholeness and there is no splitting it in two polarized forces.  You then have mastered manifestation as whole being flourishing–and you no longer chase after things, but let them come to you. In this state you are in exponential not linear time, and space is not statically bound by belief systems, like the bucket in the ocean, but is made up of fluid boundaries of your expression…paced in their fluid expansion by your continual release of what becomes obsolete as you keep pushing the limitations of what you thought you were.

To live in the full richness of Individuation and the peace of Oneness simultaneously requires that we live the yin-yang aspects of being as emphases within oneness. It requires that we live beyond beliefs of any kind, beyond programming and conditioning, and beyond man-made rules and institutions.  Money is such an institution, and aging is an example of a man-made program.  Don’t argue that we age and die and so it’s a fact, until you’ve lived life and death as one and find an ageless beauty.   Don’t argue that money is a hard, tangible security, when money can come and go in people’s lives quite suddenly. When man-made institutions are no longer the ‘tail that wags the dog’, you will find yourself in the magic of serendipity and the feeling that all life conspired to your success.  To enter the new reality, you must leave all the baggage of lifetimes of programming behind.

The secret to the Fountain of Youth in ancient records of the Saradesi is expressed as, “Everywhere you go, forget everything you know.” (2) Forget all you thought you knew, for this makes up your bucket in the ocean. Let it all go and you become a beautiful current in the ocean that has no shores.

Living beyond memory and into the magical life of all possibilities enfolded in the quantum moment, and embracing the dance of the yin-yang aspects of being takes us on a very rewarding self-exploration into the 12 ordinary meridians and the 5 elements, as alchemical components that produce leveraged outcomes for our life’s work.

The exciting part is that these are powers you have been waiting for without really knowing it…They are innate, intuitive, your birthright….and they will unfold automatically, organically, and effortlessly as you adjust the lenses of perspectives to be able to recognize the deeper layers of life that you may only have sensed dimly before.  

Life Is Waiting for You

You are a unique lens onto All That Is…there is no other that can create from your lens in the unique manner that you long to. Only as you express from that place of deep longing will you find fulfillment, and the peace of knowing you’ve come to yourself. You only need the courage to leave the prison cell that has also become familiar and comfortable. Once you start the journey of deep liberation, the vision that will propel you forward, your true North Star will appear and then you are unstoppable!

So we all need to redefine safety to being in ever newness and continual change that regenerates us in each moment. Familiarity may be temporary comfort, but we do not camp there, as the grand adventure beckons.  We then start to create the outer familiarity within, in feelings state of deep self-connection that are inviolable.

This is what these explorations can bring you to–a state of perpetual inner ignition through every deeper self-recognition. You then enter into a dance with Source much like the play of the Northern Lights.

This is the Adventure in Boundlessness that my work is about.

Anchored in the core of my eternal being, I express with authenticity in the mirrored environment of the world around me;
confident in knowing that I create the quality of my journey with grace and in mastery.
~The Seer Almine



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