Fragrance Alchemy Changes

Dear Ones

Due to increased costs of supplies overall, the prices of the oils are increasing. Many kits were 40% off the price of the singles, and the discount will be closer to 25% now. Most prices increases are under 10%, except for the kits.

I am changing the prices on the site today, but will give you this one day to order at the old prices. You’ll have to email me if what you want has already been updated.

I may have to adjust the AiB discount to 12% at some point, as I am having to get all my own supplies now, but that won’t be for a few months until I see how things add up.

I also have all the new oils, and am catching up to get them on the website. The goddess kit is phenomenal, and I will do a message series on them soon — I always intended to go into each of the old goddesses’ powers of manifestation, but other things got in the way. Now that we are full into awakening as the High Alchemists, all of our body powers can be ‘turned on’, and the archetypes are here to assist us — we have but to align within and manifest for Eternity, and they become our direct powers.

All the god and goddess archetypes are direct activation to the DNA, where we express new templates to manifest in true time.  We are fully supported to achieving all this, and it’s time to awaken full DNA potential in us, so that we can express Reality anew.



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