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Updates to Fragrance Alchemy and the Urusak Water Device

A search function was added to the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy Website, so it will be much easier to find products! From now on, with all purchases on the store, you will receive small laminated 5G Power Sigils a/o Food Purification Power Sigils to use. The 5g Power sigils can be worn in your shoes, […]

New Fragrance Alchemy Oils!!

Very happy to have these new and powerful oils! Earth Angels — an exquisite new blend…nothing like the others…earthy but very light at the same time…I’m trying to find out what’s in it… Eternal Mind – Shipping will be delayed, as we have clear instructions that it cannot be applied before the Summer Solstice… The […]

New Sub-personality oils of the “Back to Front” axis – Ready for orders!

So happy to have these oils, as their importance presently is becoming clear…And again as per usual, we have them ‘in the nick of time‘, to support us to express life anew, in new matter that is fluid and incorruptible. I will be shipping orders that I received starting tomorrow, so no need to email […]

Fragrance Alchemy with the Time Map

There are many oils you can add in to enhance the alchemy of the Time Map Process. Besides the daily standard protocol of Forever New and Sacred Space, you might consider adding the following: Alchemist’s Oracle, as you use the alchemical Runes of the 9th set. Flight of the Falcon is one I apply too, […]

Wednesday February 20th – Activating the 5 Elements as Powers of Alchemy

Magenta ~ (Day 16 on the Cosmic Time Map) Today we will do a call with a meditation through the 5 elements. If you wish come with an issue or theme in your life that you want to hold in a new way. I will be setting up the space as an alchemical cauldron to support our […]

Flight of the Falcon & The Restful Sleep Fragrance Alchemy Protocol Special for rest of June!

As a special for Father’s day, but it will be extended through the month of June, Almine is offering 2 CDs with purchases of the oil for restful sleep, which also enhances the masculine expression, as per description of the oil. The Flight of The Falcon:¬†Passionate and deep, this oil represents the noble and rich […]

Fragrance Alchemy Special ~ Activating Higher Frequencies to Balance Higher Perception

I have received a large shipment of the upgraded FA blends, hand-blended by Almine. These oils stimulate frequencies that balance the growing light in us as we awaken, thus preventing ‘black holes’. Read the post on the Almine Diary, How to Prevent a Black Hole Extracted from the post (info from an angel god): ” […]