The Urusak Device is ready for pre-orders

The Urusak Water Device is completed, and you can place pre-orders now on the dedicated website!

I will have information of the Water Purification preparation, that involves a new Water Power Wheel for the water entering your home, and a Water Power Sigil, which combine with elite shungite, to revive, purify, awaken, and oxygenate the water so that it is optimal for high alchemy with the Urusak. This will be forthcoming soon.

You can also get a set of activated Quartz crystals needed for the device from me, but I will only ship them in January.  There is limited stock but I’ll see what I can do.  For now (until the new Academy of Alchemy website is up and running), email me if you wish to reserve a set.

I have sets of quartz clusters and sets of small points. Prices vary according to size and purity, so indicate what you prefer and I’ll do my best.

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