The Inner Family of sub-personalities refers to aspects of the psyche that make up our power to manifest life and evolve in perception and power. The inner psyche is the vehicle of our consciousness, so that imbalance within it creates a life of struggle and karma, and harmonious inter-communication creates a life of grace and ever greaterness.

The balanced Inner Family in harmonious interaction is key to a higher life beyond opposites and a life of incidental magic. When the  sub-personalities evolve into four sub-personas that operate in consolidated purpose, the Inner Family, or inner psyche, becomes an unified field with the Inner Child as permeating presence, and Inner Babe as gateway to all resources, all resourcefulness, effortless knowing, and the Power of the One.

As a unified field of perspectives or lenses into the 8 Fields of Existence, communication is instantaneous, and each sub-personality has activated within it, its own Inner Child aspect that brings wonderment and humility to their expression.
The Sub-Personalities of the 8 Fields of Existence

There are 8 sub-personalities of evolved awareness, and when they are lived in harmony, we operate in individuated life, as a multi-dimensional being from 8 Fields or levels of Existence.  Life opens up exponentially to us when we operate from all fields simultaneously versus living the fields separately/  And so inter-communication across the sub-personalities is how we greatly accelerate our growth and our ability to wield far more creative power in our lives.

Each sub-personality corresponds to a Field and Rune set.  The more that you understand their perspectives and powers, the more you will be able to align with living them in harmonious oneness.

When the 8 sub-personalities are lived in harmony, we operate in individuated life, as a multi-dimensional being from 8 Fields.

Sub-personalities of Form (click on links where they appear…For more resources, please consider becoming a member!)
  • The Inner Nurturer (Field of Shamanism)
  • Inner Child (Field of White Magic)
  • Inner Sage  (Field of Healing)
  • Inner Warrior (Field of Mysticism)
Sub-personalities of Formlessness
  • Wild Woman (Field of Metaphysics)
  • Inner Babe (Field of Godhood)
  • Inner Adventurer (Field of the Unfolding Journey)
  • High Mind (Field of Resurrection-Cosmic Pulse)

Only now is it possible to live these 8 parts of the psyche simultaneously rather than alternately. And so at present, the sub-personalities evolve into sub-personas when the Inner Family is a unified field. In the body, the sub-personalities are the 8 cells at the base of the spine, which have been programmed, and determined the reality we have assembled. When a unified field, these 8 cells merge as One, and the Child is liberated…we manifest our heaven on earth…our very own slice of Infinite Existence, becoming our own assemblage point.   It is then that the spine and pranic tube unite, masculine and feminine (Ida and Pingala) unite, and the kundalini flows freely as creative power to manifest life anew.

Wheel of Dynamic Balance of the Sub-personalities (by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys) 

The Four Sub-personas of Evolved Awareness

  • Inner Nurturer – Wild Woman
  • Inner Child – Inner Babe
  • Inner Sage – High Mind
  • Inner Warrior – Inner Adventurer

Important themes of the Inner Family

Communication through the Parts

Almine has described the route or flow of communication within the Inner Family as follows (1):

  • The Inner Child expresses its unanalyzed feelings to the Inner Sage.
  • The Inner Sage receives the Inner Child’s feelings and interprets them. It then communicates deductions to the Inner Warrior.
  • The Inner Warrior receives interpretations of non-cognitive feelings from the Inner Sage, and then communicates to the Inner Nurturer when it is safe for the vulnerable parts to express, and creates strategy for the Inner Family.
  • The Inner Nurturer receives this information from the Inner Warrior as to when the Inner Child can express and strategy for the Inner Family, and it communicates this to the Inner Child in a loving parental role.

So we see how all is initiated from the non-cognitive feelings of the Inner Child, which must be accounted for and acted upon as inner guidance from instinctual knowing.

So we have

Inner Child communicates to Inner Sage
Inner Sage communicates to Inner Warrior
Inner Warrior communicates to Inner Nurturer
Inner Nurturer communications to Inner Child

When the Inner Child is heard, its knowing respected, and it is supported to full expression within the context of full, mature, participation of all aspects of the psyche, then outer reality becomes a placeholder to receive our vastness…outer becomes the greater self. The Inner Child is they key, and when it becomes a permeating presence, inner and outer realities merge as a moebius of indivisibility. When all aspects of the psyche are permeated with the Inner Child’s presence, communication becomes largely by resonance, and the intercommunication becomes a harmonious song to create higher life.

Healing the Inner Child within the IN, IS, and IW

The Inner Child is the most real of the Inner Family.  Life was created for the Child, and the other sub-personalities–the Inner Nurturer, Inner Sage, and Inner Warrior–were created to look after the Child…so that its essence, magic, and innocence would be safeguarded.

The Inner Family is the inner psyche, and essentially it is a vehicle for the expression of our unique individuation. Through the perspectives of each part, we find our individuation.   But an implant/overlay obscured Infinite Intent, and caused us to believe that individuation was through separation. This split off part of the Inner Child, and a part was lost, in fear, and trapped in hostile mirrors of body, soul, and false spirit.

In order for the flip from outer reality as the unreal, separated illusion to it being our greater self, the Inner Family must become a unified field, and that happens when the IC of each part is awakened.

In the Inner Warrior, its Inner Child brings the spirit of adventure into discovering the self in life. Inner Warrior has an innate gift of sensing what life calls it to…what destiny awaits…the greater emerging self, and when this is experienced as a grand adventure of filling out into greater self-empowerment, rather than trying to ‘camp’ out stay with one’s past accomplishment, then the irrepressible Child that wants to have all experiences there are to have, can be let out.

Life is then lived in mature self-transparency, and we engage passionately from a desire to create what is inspired within…to behold our genius in form. Through the IW’s innocent, agendaless yet passionate engagement, we discover our capacities and resourcefulness from the endlessness of our being…from ever fuller DNA expression. The IW’s responsibility is to answer the call of life so that we are never too long in one place whereby matrices can form, and it is supported by roots in the Inner Nurturer that also takes responsibility for the quality of life unfolding.

The Inner Sage’s Inner Child brings effortless knowing from a deep level of existence that has no boundaries or limitations. Inner Sage has the natural gift of inner knowing from deep within…actually from roots in the Inner Child. When Inner Sage is humble and knows that it cannot know anything in a universe that is ever new, then knowledge and wisdom are not sought after and accumulated, but rather known as inseparable from the moment unfolding. Inner Sage empties out in mindlessness, in order to be filled with revelation. The more it empties out, the more it becomes a conduit of  infinite abundance from these roots in the IC. The Inner Sages’ Inner Child aspect has an insatiable desire to know…to be in wonderment.

The Inner Nurturer’s Inner Child brings the capacity of full immersal in the moment in deep contentment.  This enables us to come to the self…commune with Self at depth within and be self-referring for approval.  In this still point of peace, the moment can fulfill itself in us, which causes the flow of great support and all blessings through us into our environment. A powerful, and profound capacity to nurture results, which reaches the deep brainwave levels that harmonize reality from below the surface. We become inclusive and harmonious, embracing all life in a compassionate embrace and all feel uplifted in our presence.  This is deeply self-fulfilling to the Inner Nurturer that finds a natural joy in uplifting life…in bringing beauty to it.

When the Inner Child aspect in each subpersonality is not present, the sub-personalities look to outer reality for security and fulfillment in very specific ways….

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Alchemical Videos to Awaken the Inner Child Aspect of the Inner Nurturer, Inner Warrior, and Inner Sage

We are working on the videos of the full alchemy to heal the Inner Child in each sub-personalities. These have 12 of the 24 tones.  Feel the mood of each statement and imagery evoked, from the perspective or the Inner Child of each sub-personality.

 Mother’s Portal for the Healing of the Inner Child, by Almine

From Almine, we have a light and sound elixir that is the magical home for the Inner Child / Inner Babe.




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