A glimpse into Vast Powers to Manifest Life Anew

The 3 dantien centers of Head, Heart, and Gut are the most important foundational powers to master if you are to manifest life outside the law of compensation. Essentially, when these centers are not in alignment…not in communication or harmony with one another, we manifest in a sub-reality of limitation, opposition and struggle. When they align, we open ourselves as portal to our greater self–it is then that a far greater part of us moves our reality, and we become generative to all life…our own source of sustenance.

These 3 centers are the primary information hubs of the body, and the main tools with which to build a life. They underlie the primary systems of manifestation, namely, chakras, extraordinary and ordinary meridians.  The human being has 3 main parts: brain/nervous system, rhythmic system, and limb system (head, heart, gut)–Thought, Emotion, and Will/Intent. And everything aligns when we enter the still point–when Head is in still emptiness, Heart is in peaceful self-fulfilled contentment, and Gut is in surrendered flow..at one withe the movement of life.

A deeper secret is that we have 3 selves (more but let’s start with 3) that dwell in 3 fields of existence. And if we live from only one, it will be unaware of the other two and at odds with their worlds. But when we merge and live them simultaneously, we get alchemical leveraging and a 4th dimension opens up to us, which establishes us outside of created reality, and able to participate as co-creator.

Each of the 3 centers has perspectives and powers that are unique to it, and grasping these is important to align with the purpose of evolution such that we are in harmony with all life.

For example,

  • Head’s power is to have effortless knowing that is genius, but this only activates when we are in mindlessness–i.e. no surface mind–and we orient our perception to what we don’t know, in the humility of knowing that we cannot know anything in a universe that is new in each moment. It is then that the greater self flows genius and all-knowing through this powerful information hub…
  • Heart’s power is in loving without pain–unconditionally yet unattached. Much life the sun’s rays that shine down indiscriminately, so too Heart’s love flows indiscriminately when we know all life to be innocent. This happens when we have cleared all lower emotion and emotional injury. Its other big power is Hope–cultivating a field of Hope into which our desires from lightness of being self-fulfilled take root and blossom forth.
  • Gut’s power activates when we are no longer resistant to life, knowing that life is benevolent always, and that is something is there in our lives, it comes from our greater self. We engage with openness, in surrendered trust and fully participatory, and our openness cause life to flow through us and elevate by our purity…our agendalessness, courage, and trust in ourselves.

I have been teaching 3-centers alignment since 2012, and it has evolved over the years such that now, through them, we ‘triangulate’ a space of expression that is our very own, and is in harmony with creation, which means it receives its full support. Never before has it been possible until now, to stand in awareness, outside of the holographic screen of life so that we can manifest our very own slice of Infinite Existence using Head (elevated thought), Heart (true, pure creative emotion), and Gut (intent from will merged with divine will) as tools of co-creation.  While for eons these tyrants bound us to a lower reality of linear time, they are now yielding as our powerful tools to create the dreams of the Heart that we can vision in Head, and receive in Body (Gut center).

It is said that Tesla’s favorite number was 3, and that is because of the tremendous power the geometry of 3 has to change reality when you master the 3 centers out of which space emerges.

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Some Meditations for 3-centers Alignment

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