The 12 Fields of Perception correspond to the 12 ordinary meridians, in that each meridian evolved during a cycle of existence that yielded a ‘space’ of creation.

As conscious co-creators of our self-sovereign life, we are to  live from all 12 fields simultaneously, and master their tools. The fields are like ‘lenses’ onto reality, that emphasize certain evolved powers. When all 12 fields can be navigated fluidly, then we experience being in the world but not in any way trapped by it–we are always resourceful and able to be flexible and fluid with whatever comes our way.

These fields yield tools that enable us to travel through any part of creation and make of it our home.

Below is a list of the 12 fields, and their main qualities.

  1. We have Shamanism–the tool to spiritualize matter and cause form to fluidly morph by our inclusiveness from emotional mastery.
  2. White Magic is our ability to have allies of great magic through cooperation with Infinite Intent from innocent transparency, and the intimacy of an open heart that has only pure desires.
  3. We have Belvaspata–angelic powers that work through us, as we choose to see the perfection behind appearances.
  4. We have Mysticism  as the power to change the holographic mirrored world by refining ourselves as central expressor.
  5. Metaphysics, whereby we dance with the eternal wonders of the cosmos in order to to understand our fathomless vast self, as All That Is.
  6. And we have Alchemy that offers us the possibility to leverage outcomes in any given moment wherein we can appreciate what is before us through depth perception, and fulfill what life is calling forth from us.
  7. Unintentional Proxy Magic that is ours when we walk the eternal journey with eyes gazed on our North star, in devotion to the One Life, and filled with aspirations to create our slice of Infinite Existence as a work of art.
  8. Supported by all prior tools expressing, Unintentional Incantation Magic then activates, where we decree Infinite Intent, spontaneously, from deep impulse within–no longer creating in a sub-creation of man, now our creations are dedicated to Eternal Existence. This is the marriage of perception and power that flows through our holy Words.
  9. Rune Mastery too is ours, and through it we triangulate our pristine and holy space of inspired expression that enables the grateful privilege of  co-creating with Source.
  10. And there is emerging Visionary Dreaming, whereby co-creation is exponentially enhanced with profound multi-dimensional potency.
  11. Awake Visions will be ours as we silence the mind, open the heart, and surrender to unhindered flow of cosmic intent, such that life effortlessly morphs and flourishes around us, as we walk in innocent wonderment and glad expectations.
  12. And we become the Cauldron of High Alchemy and higher life, as we live from expanded being and contracted individuation seamlessly, and cultivate ever grander visions that change the patterns of life–made possible from higher realizations through ever fuller limitless presence.