9th Rune 4-card spread + 7-Rune/ 7-Field Spread + 1-card pick from the 8th Set

I was asked how one might work on an issue and use all 9 sets of Runes.  There are many ways. One way is to do a one-rune pick on each of the fields from 1 to 9, and for each, to feel into the qualities and tones of the field, and interpret what is being suggested by the rune, as guidance for self-refinement or to emphasize in expression.
But you can also do spreads and combine them through intention. In this session we did a 4-card 9th Rune spread to open to our unfathomable, infallible vastness, and hold an issue of challenge from a much larger, archetypal, eternal perspective.   We then did a 7-rune 7-field spread holding the intention that we receive an alchemical equation or ‘song’ across the fields that would support the ‘landing’ or full integration of the shifts made with the prior spread, on all dimensions.   And finally, we did a 1-card spread on the 8th field of the Cosmic Pulse, utilizing the rune as portal to Infinity.
You may do the video of the session, choosing an area you wish to shift on, or a challenge you need guidance with, and follow along, doing it ‘live’ on your own.  If you do it that way, then you may print the spreads and work with them before going to sleep, asking the Angel Gods to help you deepen integration and express anew in your area of focus. I set intention on all sessions that those who will listen later will also be served–just as those on the call live.
Alternatively, you may just watch the video to learn about the spreads, and to get a feel for how to interpret the runes in the context of the spread and fields.
Shifting deeply on an issue, with runes of all 9 Fields  (4-card 9th rune set, 7-rune 7 fields, 1-rune pick from the 8th set)
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