A Rune Spread for Your Enjoyment

From time to time I will include a free spread to play with. For now until it expires, you may try the 4-card guidance spread that works with the first 4 fields of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.


An Audio  or Video Meditation Offering

Click on the image of painting life anew, and you will get to a free meditation. The meditation audio or video will change from time to time.

This one is a video of 36 of the 288 Earth tones to awaken the inner sense organs, given by Almine.


The Power of Poetry

Almine has given us many forms of poetry, each type having a different purpose to expand consciousness beyond the small cognitive rational mind. Poetry brings fluidity to consciousness and enables us to see the unifying elements in life, which takes expanding levels of awareness. This adds the a powerful poetic perspective in life.

Examples are the poetry of dreaming:

The desert wind sings to the serpents’ undulating dance in the sand. Heat waves join in the merriment.”

The dolphin jumps through the hoop of the moon. Rings ripple through the stars.

There is magical poetry, alchemical poetry and more.  (This will be expanded upon at some future time, so you’ll have to check back!)

Here is s page of our attempts at the poetry of the Unfathomable…

Initially, the Mastering the Unfathomable page is the first “free” area to be fully operational! We hope you enjoy exploring it, and check back often to see what else has been added.


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