Dear Ones!

Happy Cosmic New Year, and welcome to a profoundly different reality!!

You are invited to prepare for the ceremony later by doing the following coloured lights meditation to purify your space (info on the coloured light explosions from our beloved Almine). The coloured lights feature heavily as part of this years cosmic Timemap, and as with the features of last year’s Timemap, our understanding of their full power is only really in its infancy!

The ceremony is on Friday 16th at 10am EST / 11am AST / 3pm GMT, to establish a sacred space of alchemy and entrainment to receive the potencies of the new cosmic year. This will be a tremendous opportunity to anchor ourselves deeply in powerful intentions for stepping into a potent states of flourishing through embodying the stages of Awakening. We will be holding the alchemical space for establishing the thriving eco-system we have been speaking about and exploring through the Adventures in Boundlessness platform, and you are invited to bring your intentions so we can alchemise them together!

For those of you reading this who are not members of this platform, you are welcome to join in order to participate in the ceremony and beyond! Click here to explore our options for membership.

Through the Adventures in Boundlessness platform, we are creating an eco-system of mutual ignition and support, where we are immersing in exploring practical ways to navigate the new reality and embody the merged masculine and feminine to move to the inseparable holy body that we are to become. This platform is ever-evolving, and it is our profound privilege to walk this miraculous journey with all of you!

Note, the video is no longer accessible, but may be purchased on the AiB store at this link: Colored Light Explosions Meditation