Past and Future lives in Our Imagination

Past and future as timelines are constructs of the linear rational mind only. Linear mind operates in the known… where past is projected into the future as expectation and we go round and round in repetitive cycles that are cut off from the vitality of life ever new.

Past is held as memory – magnetic and electrical packets that we hold in the body as ‘experiences’ in sensory modalities (sight, hearing, touch, etc) too.  When a traumatic memory is suppressed, it arises the same way each time it’s triggered because we have not yet changed it. But what we can remember changes as our consciousness evolves and perspective expands. And so memory that we process changes as we evolve.  As past trauma is transmuted, memory changes and past becomes much more a source of inspiration – remembering our resourcefulness, and the dreams that stirred us when we were still in innocence. Even events of your past that you have recounted many times can suddenly reveal something new that changes your interpretation completely. Given that our limitations come from past memory as programming, it is so worth it to process and spend time doing emotional alchemy! 

Future is held in the same way, but because it is not typically deeply embodied, the past prevails as the influence into the future. It’s time to change this, because we are leaving the past dream – of separation – which we’ve lived over eons, and are now having to live in attunement with what is emerging from the unknowable. So we need to train ourselves to perceive what is coming into being, and when we make that the only thing that is real, then allowing past to dissolve becomes an effortless side-effect.

We will be working with this over the next while, and for this week we focus on a manifestation dream – empowering it to unfold through seeding it in the past, and in the future. This process engages the 3 centers of Head, Heart, and Gut in manifesting a desire, and it captures the key points in this discussion.

When we operate from the 3 realities of the Material, the Causal, and Intent – or Body, Soul, and Spirit – simultaneously, then we move out of linear time, and into exponential time and timelessness, where we can create much like an ever-blossoming flower… future is now, past flows as inspiration that buoys us forward, and all comes to us… it is compelled to us by our activating, igniting Presence.

You will be amazed at the gems of inspiration that rise up from the past, when you release your linear history that you hold as density, as ball and chain of limitation. Make a vow to no more repeat your stories of woe of the past, for they act as alibis to mediocrity. Do you wish to experience your greatness as a being of Infinity? Then let the stories dissolve, and allow to arise from their ashes, the gems of inspiration, which will pour through, as you call forth future potentials from awakening presence. Past is not static at all… and it gets rewritten as ever deepening layers of inspiration….

This is a process that is part of a series of meditations to awaken and activate new potentials in order to step up in becoming a co-creator of new reality… opening to magical manifestation.

To move out of repetitive cycles requires that all 3 levels of mind, namely subconscious, middle (emotional), and conscious mind align in consolidated purpose so that each one does its part to open to the flow of the River of Intent. We will explore this next week. For this week, I’d like to keep the material simple so that you work deeply with the meditation, and have the opportunity to use it on many areas of your life!

Materials For The Week


3-Centers Alignment in Support of Your Dreams

Set an alarm for at least twice during the day where you will be doing a 3-centers alignment ‘reset’ to align to all that you are working to manifest this week.  To become conscious co-creators that now set the pace of life in a reality that is no longer compelled by a lower collective force, we will have to step up and into more active participation.

Ask yourself…. Am I actively attuned to the reality of my manifestation dream?

  • In Head, do I perceive life in harmony with my dreams?  Look for evidence of your dreams in various stages of realization… notice life’s support in all ways no matter how small it may seem.
  • In Heart, is the song of my Heart singing my dream into being in this moment? Know that this Song needs to be ever-present in your Field of Hope. So that when you pause and tune in, it is easy to hear it stirring, however faint. Consider that your Heart is where creation happens, and the hope that stirs within it, in support of your manifestation dream has the power to stir and coax life around you in aligned support of your intent. Your Heart’s tones animate the potentials you wish to engage that will support the unfoldment of your dreams.  It is easy to sing the Song in harmony with your desires, you have but to remind yourself… to follow-through with committed practice.
  • In Gut, feel your dream and imagine it forming a creative ball of life force in the Gut. Now feel your current life and note anything that is not compatible with the dream.  Acknowledge with gratitude how it served to bind resources that you can now unleash…. With breath, burst the ball in the Gut out into your environment, with intention to cause all that is non-serving to move out and yield to the new. Do this until you feel that you are fully cooperating with the emergence of a higher order of life that can support your manifestation dream.

Remembering Your Future

Before Going to Sleep

  1. Feel your desired manifestation dream, in the manner as you are led to in the audio meditation. Go deeply into the feeling state….
  2. Imagine that dream already manifested, and see you in that future… feel yourself completely established in that reality.
  3. Now let that future you express its appreciation for you… because you enabled that potential to emerge. Let it tell you of new qualities, capacities, and resourcefulness it now has. Write it down in your journal.
  4. Ask your Greater Self to take you to that holographic reality in your inner space, during sleep.

In the Morning

5- In the morning, feel your desired manifestation dream as a body felt-sense. The goal with this exercise is to feel it increasingly as an embodied reality, because that causes the future to be held as strongly as was the past. You will be “remembering your future.”


Seeding Manifestation Dream in Time Past and Time Future

Using a ball of manifestation to seed in past and future, we explore creating our dream from the alignment of the 3 body centers of Head, Heart, and Gut –the communication hubs for the merging of 3 realities that we dwell in. When the 3 centers align in harmony, we are no longer internally battling ourselves, and the body opens to the power of the Greater Self, and a 4th reality of Oneness becomes accessible to us. With this 4th reality, inner and outer realities become one, and Spirit, Soul, and Body become our tools of co-creation.  This meditation explores some of the body activation that happens when we consciously manifest from inspirational stirrings within, including the Anhk that forms.

Meditation music are elixirs to merge white and black light, by Almine.

 Spine-Mindfulness Breathing

The spine holds the centers of magic in the body. Body awareness is important in order to embody future potential and allow past to dissolve. In this meditation, we do a brain and spine mindfulness breath to get out of stuck patterns. If you practice this several times, you can then use the process as a quick flushing out of the old, as needed.

General Process for the Remote Session

The session this week will work with alchemical tools to clear memory in the body, and bring into present moment, parts left behind in the past. We will also do activations for the 3 centers specifically.

1) Fragrance Alchemy

FA logo 2

  • Power of the One on the Crown point (top of head), on the Heart center, and 2 inches below the navel. You can keep doing the older protocol if you don’t have the PoO oil.

In addition:

  • Flight of the Falcon (2 fingers’ width behind the Crown point) – activates the 9th extraordinary meridian
  • Song of the High Heart on the thymus area
  • Forever New below the navel
  • 12 Ordinary Meridians protocol

If you have the new High Magic oils that complete the 12 set, they are perfect for the meditation this week.  Please email me if you wish to get them!

2) Choose a music elixir and do a quick alignment of the 3 centers in your preferred way.

Intend the EHS to activate in Head, Heart, and Gut centers.  The EHS acts as an ‘enfolding embrace’ for all the transmission accumulated over the course of our work.

3)  Find something you wish to manifest that pushes you beyond what you’ve known… beyond your sense of self up to now.  If you wish, journal parts of your dream, the motivation behind it… be sure it is free of agenda and truly expresses your essence and is an exploration into your self and the joy of life. Play the meditation Seeding Manifestation Dreams in Past and Future. Remain in a meditative state awhile longer, feeling your dream more deeply embodied… tuning into life with that reality realized…. Journal any impressions… feel what may have changed….

4) At the end of your meditation, acknowledge and be grateful for all support.  Flow your appreciation through head, heart, and gut – feeling it ray out to your all areas of your life that you touched upon, and to your whole environment. Know that all your efforts to clear dysfunction and attuning the 3 centers to perceive in the new ways as described, will produce tangible changes in your life! 

Below are the ascension and awakening attitude sigils. You may sign them to close off the session.

Rune Integration Support

Two Rune Integrations for this week, to steep in feeling supported by life: