Know yourself as the origin of your mirrored environment.”

Mirrors reflect backwards and can never give you a true sense of yourself. Moreover, the mirrors of life introduce distortion at every point of reflection. Learn the spell of the mirrors and reverse their power through embracing your innocence and majesty–in that way you free yourself from the world of mirrored suppression, and enter into the glorious freedom of a reality of your expression that is fully harmonious to your intent.  ~ Anita

Your opportunity at present is to leave the old reality of separation and the sub-creations that have been upheld by ‘mirrors’. A mirror forms where there are belief systems that suppress portions of our expression. The suppressed parts come at us through life circumstances and dynamic interactions with others in our reality. The suppression enters the subconscious and the collective unconscious that is the shared, programmed suppression of humanity, and life (as our greater Self), plays that out for us until we WAKE UP and assimilate what was suppressed into our conscious expression. That essentially is what healing is about: the reclamation of suppressed parts of self. 

When we leave the mirrored reality behind, everything changes….then life becomes our self-directed, self-chosen hologram and playground to explore the endlessness or our being.

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For millennia, the environment as a mirror has been used by truth seekers to access information about ourselves and as a guidance system. The language of dreams and of our environment has reflected what we failed to see in our daily journey.

Mirrors give backward images. If there is a deficiency in our perception, it would be mirrored as an actuality in our environment. That which was lack would be mirrored as substance. Although these mirrors have been helpful, the images were unreal. This could only give us information about the box in which we found ourselves. It is in knowing that everything within the box is unreal that we transcend the make-believe world into the One Life of no beginning.” (From the Lemurian Science of Immortality, by Almine,

Mirrors have formed on each Field of Existence pertaining to life in form, out of the broken building blocks – a result of the dream of separation.

The 1st Mirror: The Mirror of the Moment ~ reveals what you are in the moment

  • Life will reflect back what you are…you will see evidence of what you believe.
  • You are trapped in this mirror to the degree that your mind is noisy.
  • The less self-aware you are, the more life feels oppositional in this mirror.
  • Release resistance to life, stuck beliefs, victimhood, negative emotions
  • You create what you see—life is evidence of the creational power of your subconscious mind, so work to clear all that does not serve

No one can know you, not even yourself. Stop believing what others project on you based on their neediness and judgments. Claim the power of self-regard, that you take up the full potentials of the unfolding moment. Stop looking to others for approval–at best they can only see you to the level of their awakening, and at worst, they will project on you the distortions they have yet to illuminate in themselves. And stop trying to live by self-approval. Self-reflection obstructs the purity of spontaneous living by creating self-relationship. Self-relationship is like looking at yourself in the mirror the whole time as you try to engage life. You are adding a level of indirection, and undermining your power in the moment.

The 1st Mirror of the Moment Extract from the video, The 7 Mirrors of Illusion:

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The Second Mirror: Mirror of That Which is Judged ~ reveals what you judge in the moment

Mirror of That Which is Judged – 

  • What you judge in others reflects the programs running in you.
  • What you judge, you lock into place and so are cause of what you see.
  • The opposite of what you judge becomes a ‘should’, causing you to live by authority outside of you (disempowerment)
  • Without judgment, a reality beyond duality reveals itself – a life of no opposites.

What you judge in others reflects the programs running in you ~ What you judge you lock into place… Judgment separates.  When you judge, you are delineating a space around you that you refuse to grow past. All programs create matrices that trap consciousness. So what you judge, you bind into place through how you perceive, your emotions around it, and your desire (will) to not be like that. The Shield of Innocence Use this whenever you find yourself in judgment. Move it through your body from feet to Crown and release all judgment through seeing all life as innocent.

The 2nd Mirror of That Which is Judged (Extract from the video, The 7 Mirrors of Illusion)


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Third mirror: Mirror of That Which is Lost, Given Away, or Taken Away – reveals what we must reclaim and reawaken in our expression

  • Life ‘gifts’ us momentarily with people who reflect to us what we have lost or given away. (Often we will have affinity with them–admiration and resonance. If we have the opposite, we will likely be in the less subtle mirror of judgment).
  • The gift of these strangers is to nudge us to fill the void and reclaim what we lost
  • This mirror serves to gather up lost parts and come into greater self-presence
  •  Let relationships evolve once they have served their specific purpose

Nothing can truly be lost nor can a mistake be made, in much the same way as a hole cannot be made in the ocean. and a water current follows the path of inevitability due to the nature of water. There is only the present moment, and loss is simply leaking resources to an imagined past….it undermines the power of the present. 

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Fourth MirrorMirror of the Most Forgotten Love – reveals what we give away little by little, avoiding facing our deepest lost love (Mirror of addiction)

  • We are programmed to do/be a certain way, and over time we abandon ourselves, bit by bit.
  • We make wrong conclusions about life purpose, and missed insights from past experiences cause us to adopt coping mechanisms such that we lose ourselves and our connection to Source, which is our deepest ‘lost love’.
  • The gift of this mirror is that we can see ourselves compromising ourself and abandoning what we hold dear, over and over, so that we may take notice. It generally shows up as addictions, distraction behavior, or compensatory ways of being.
  • All addiction points to self-abandonment, and using something as surrogate to compensate only deepens the inner void.
  • Every moment of addiction is an opportunity to choose anew.
  • Our lost parts are so precious that we get many opportunities to reclaim wholeness.

Separation from Source happens in each moment, with each decision of perspective. The ‘Fall’ is not in the past, it happens over and again, each time you abandon yourself in favor of appeasing ‘the mirrors’ in your reality, and it stops the moment you surrender in trust to the One Life…as you come home to yourself.

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Fifth Mirror: Mirror of the Mother/Father – reveals our most sacred Relationship with the Source of our Existence 

The 5th mirror reveals distortions in our relationship with Source, via our relationships with earthly mother and earthly father. The 5th mirror unchallenged is a spirit matrix. Through this mirror lies the portal to our eternal self.

The sweetness of life’s limitless support is there when Mother distortions clear. Wholesomeness and the power of being self-authorized to manifest a self-sovereign life is ours when we dissolve belief systems in an external authority…belief in the false promise of heaven in the future. Healing the mirror of the Father is to dissolve ‘false spirit’ that has held a noose around our necks. Liberation from false spirit/external authority restores our ability to hear the Voice of the One Life…the inspiration within ourselves. We hold the key to our greatness, and heaven on earth is manifested one shining moment at at time.

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The Sixth Mirror: Mirror of the Dark Night of the Soul

In the reality of polarity that we have lived in until now. darkness has framed the light–it has given us definition as a unique expression of the One. Yet when we release rigid structures of right/wrong, guilt/innocence, etc, and know all life to be innocent, the ‘dark’ is simply unexpressed potential. Find what the dormant tones within, that you fill out your unique Song of Self.  You then move into a reality of perpetually unfolding potential…perpetual newness and generativity.

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The Seventh Mirror: Mirror of Self-Perception

You can never know yourself, but it is your grateful privilege to keep exploring from the endlessness of your being. Self-perception comes from sensing…feeling from non-cognitive depth, the grand potentials ever arising on the moving horizon of the cutting edge of your evolutionary potential.

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Understanding the mirrors is a big step in mastering the tyrants of the dream of separation, turning them into tools to manifest a real environment in the true Dream of the Infinite. 

When we move beyond the mirrored reality, the notion of things known and unknown disappears, and life opens up like an ever blooming flower revealing the mysteries it holds in the heart of its being. Then we can know whatever we wish to put our attention to, which is what we can appreciate and are inspired to explore. What we appreciate, we become co-creators of, and life reveals its secrets if we approach in agendaless reverence…