This menu has pages for members, going into the details on all the components of the Map of Potentials.

Fathom that through the 288 days, we are re-recreating the three fields of Existence that make up the reality of form, this time from a higher perspective of the Field of the One.  Through the daily triangulated platforms, we are establishing our self-sovereign reality through the alchemy of perspectives, which replaces energy as the power source in the old reality of separation and polarity.

  • In the higher order reality, growth is by inspiration and alchemical ignition, and
  • We manifest in form through the much higher tool of contraction of fluid perspective, rather than fixed belief systems.

We are establishing our fluid infrastructure for our holographic screen of life through unlimited perspectives and fluid reference points of self-qualities based on inspired desires for self-expression and self-experience, and no longer bound by external reference points from needs-based desires from feeling unwhole.

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