Sunday March 10th ~ Songs of the Earth – part 5

Golden Yellow ~ (Day 34 on the Cosmic Time Map) As Almine has stated, gathering the insights we’ve missed over the eons of being in the dream of separation requires that we have the feeling capacity to match those insights.  The 288 Earth Tones are precisely the deep feeling states needed. Here is the 5th video from the Songs of the Earth series by Willy Clarys. It will be up for the next few days.
  • Earth Tones 145-180 videoToday on the Time Map, we are in D-1, another day of the grateful privilege of solving karma, with frequency yielding to perception. When we get the refined feeling state, then the higher insight will follow.  The focus is on releasing the need for reference points. “Your eternal journey travels through the Unfathomable.” Show up anew today at every chance, see life through new eyes so that you be made anew in the fluidity of blessings from the One Life.  Do this with all your focus, and remember that every day well lived is a beautiful component of a grand alchemical equation that you are putting together, like stringing a pearl necklace… pearls of great price…
Fragrance Alchemy
  • Sacred Space oil, under the feet
  • Apply Forever New 2 inches below the navel (I reclaim my resources and seal up all leaks!)
  • Apply the 5-element oils
  • Power of the One – wear anywhere you feel to.
  • Seven Veils  is the High Magic oil for Golden Yellow days. (applied on the thymus area )  For those with Time Maps, call on your Angel God as you apply the oil.
  • Alchemist’s Oracle as you use the Runes with the Time map process.
  • Flight of the Falcon, activates the 9th meridian, which attunes you to a benevolent reality.
Rune Support Here is the Yes/No 7-Rune Spread to play with today.  This is one I use daily.

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