Saturday Oct 27th – Living the 5 Elements ~ Leaving Behind the Sub-created reality

Sky Blue Field  ~ (Day 254 on the Cosmic Time Map / Day 67 in the Sky Blue Light)

The lower form of (possessive) love produces hormones that are said to be sticky and binding. Divine Compassion that is an evolutionary step beyond, produces higher hormones that no longer bind to a lower reality. And when we operate from beyond the atomic grid, we no longer produce hormones at all, and that brings us to Divine Love. (1)

Hormones are a means of communicating ‘codes’ to the body and the environment. Higher hormones have been referred to as communicating Infinite Intent. It may well be that in the Field of the One, there is no need of such communication as you and the One Life are indivisible, and life emanates from that. This field brings to us profound self-valuing, deep appreciation of everything in life, and the capability to live purely by inspiration.

Let yourself be inspired by your receptivity to what lies beyond the sub-creations of the atomic level of life dictated by hormones.  Let your body activate anew, beyond a programmed existence.  It is a great practice to daily contemplate on opening to life beyond what you can conceive of…this broadens perspective, awakens wonderment, and causes you to perceive with new eyes that can bring about a new reality.

I do a 5-part meditation daily, through the 5 elements, and the 5th element, the aether or wood, is in fact this contemplation. In addition to steeping in a feeling sense of the inconceivable, I add two other things to the aether-contemplation:

  • With intent to shift something challenging in my life, I steep in the knowing that it is but a dream…a sub-creation sustained by story and personality.  Beyond the sub-creation lies a totally new reality where all stories are no more. I open to this miraculous state of continuously closing the door to the past and opening to the new.
  • I spend a minute looking for evidence of my dreams manifesting…and delighting in or appreciating life as a means to engage with the elements of my dreams that are already a done deal. This cultivates the ‘magical’ perspective.

For today, here are the Flowers of Life (short video) as a first step in clearing the overlays of stories. (2) There are 20 Flowers of Life, which correspond to the 12 OMs + 8 EMs… Their activation also supports the 5 elements.

Tomorrow we will look at another process to further cleanse the body of stories and prepare us for attraction beyond hormonal secretion…

Fragrance Alchemy

  • Use the Sacred Space oil, under the feet.
  • Apply Desert Dawn and Distant Horizons on the right temple (7th field/IA)
  • For the exercise with the BC:  Song of the High heart on the thymus, and Lotus oil 2 inches above the navel, and Rose oil between the eyebrows. Or you may wish to emphasize the feminine qualities with Almine’s Secret Garden-2 above the navel and Lily on the 3rd eye point.
  • Apply the 5 Element oils if you have them. They come highly recommended!

Rune Support

(1) In the webinar How to Establish a Life of Graceful Change, Almine states that in the Field of the One, we no longer produce hormones at all.

(2) Flowers of Life, in Sacred Breaths of the Arasatma, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,



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