Monday June 3rd ~ Emotional Alchemy ~ Exercise to Recognize and Ignite a Higher Reality

Vivid Sky Blue ~ (Day 119 on the Cosmic Time Map)

We have looked at ways to process emotion, but every exercise provides a unique approach that can bring fresh new insights and deeper release.

Fulfilling our True Desires through Self-Recognition

(Extracted from Whole Being Flourishing...)

Distorted emotions  have cut us off from the true emotions that are the feminine creative substance.  In holding distortions, parts of us froze in trauma and dysfunction, yet those parts are stuck in mis-perceptions…missed perceptions that we did not have the capacity to grasp in past ages. Stuck emotional states happened before this lifetime, and our lives have stories that we think are causative–not so. The stuck emotions are the lost bank accounts of accrued resources over ages past, that we are to unleash now by finding the key. Why now? Because we have to leap off of ‘flatland’ that is disintegrating…

We find the keys as follows (broad strokes)

  1. In the painful emotions,  look for what you truly desires …what is the pure desire?  For example, you may be in fear, and you try to control life, to find a tribe, to secure external things, you turn to addiction for a temporary reprieve etc.  But what you truly desire is the ability to surrender to a benevolent reality…the desire to trust life…to trust yourself to be self-affirming and self-supportive….you may wish to know beyond a doubt that all your needs are met, etc.
  2. Pay attention to the surrogates you’ve found for the pure desires. Eg. you may have a job you dislike for the security of a pension; you may have stayed in an unhealthy relationship to have a sense of stability or ‘security’.  Identify all surrogates and all patterns that have as agenda to get you what you desire.  See that all around your distorted emotions….
  3. Move all the surrogates and patterns out to the periphery, along with all the stories that justify the distorted emotions.  Feel gratitude for the coping mechanisms, as they made life a bit more comfortable until such time as you could unravel the illusion.  Feel gratitude for the stories, for being a placeholder for lost parts and accrued resources. Use breath to create the space around the emotions.
  4.  Now go back to the pure desires and feel them anew…these are the keys to the accrued resources…These pure desires are arising in you because they are your unclaimed birthright–you have but to acknowledge them as yours to claim and embody and it will be so.  These were ‘taken away’ or suppressed in the parts you left behind. Contemplate on this until you grasp it…and know it.
  5. As you know this, you are moving naturally into recognizing that all things worth having are to be found within…no surrogate will satisfy your desire for deep self-connection and communion with Source. Open yourself to claiming these feeling states within you, and you will be singing new tones in your Song, which will cause your reality to change in sync.  As you self-recognize in a new way, what is now possible that was not before?  Notice it…
  6. Find ways to express these tones in your life…practice in imagination. Sing the tone into your whole environment and see what newness may arise in life from that…

Understand the steps well, and it will become a very fluid process that unfolds naturally as you intend to shift. Tomorrow we will explore the deeper power of the exercise.

Today on the Time Map – We are in I-2  today, with emotion yielding to perception.  I is a day of evolving in understanding and receiving new information. The directive is to not shut out the unknown by thinking we know, and to discard previous beliefs we took for granted. With a 2 yet again, we stay with the focus on releasing the need to save and coming home to the self–finding the deep peace that enjoying the little things can bring.  Coming home to the self is a theme of the Field of Intent too, where we contain and assimilate/integrate…

Fragrance Alchemy

* Recommended oils. Others are wonderful to use, and you can pick and choose as you feel to.

  • *Sacred Space oil, under the feet
  • Apply *Forever New 2 inches below the navel (“I reclaim my resources and seal up all leaks!”)
  • Apply the *5-element oils
  • Power of the One – wear anywhere you feel to.
  • Eternal Love – on the solar plexus
  • Flower of Saffron, for the 7th meridian with the Archetype of Self-Celebration (for the Sky Blue field) / You may also wish to apply the full 12 OM oils daily, as they strengthen the awareness particle and assist in expressing the new meridian archetypes.
  • Desert Dawn  is the High Magic oil for Sky Blue days. (applied on the right temple) – promotes self-sovereignty and authenticity
  • Golden Flower is the oil of the Inner Nurturer – apply around the navel
  • Hathor for the Dai or Belt Meridian, that reconciles Past and Present through the Power of the Moment (for the Sky Blue field)
  • Alchemist’s Oracle as you use the Runes with the Time map process.
  • Flight of the Falcon, activates the 9th meridian, which attunes you to a benevolent reality.

Rune Support

This is the rune protocol to activate the outer sense organ of the skin untouched–the organ of the 7th Field of Unintentional Proxy Magic, associated with the Sky Blue color.  Skin untouched is the interface between expresser and expressed. When the sense organ operates without distortion,  inner and outer become experienced as indivisible, and all that we are and do impacts unintentionally, as a side effect of embracing the adventure of life with glad expectations and no agenda.

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