Friday April 26th ~ Creating Mini-Platforms to Be Impervious to the Destructuring World (Silent Retreat)

Emerald Green ~ (Day 81 on the Cosmic Time Map)

In the Field of the One, we create the movement in life, as well as establish the space for our expression–in other words, we create our own reality within the limitless vastness that we are. This is especially necessary to do now, in order to remain in pristine space as life in the mirrors dissolves.  To reiterate, we cannot engage life in the mirrors as we did before, because to do so now strengthens the illusions and will cause necessary forced change. If we simply disavow the mirrors and keep eyes gazed on our higher vision, all that needs to be extracted from the old will come to us with ease.

At the retreat, we were given specific tools to create a reality as overlay, so that we could walk ‘above the mud of the world‘, with a ‘shining star‘ above us, to act as a beacon or North Star that holds a higher vision. This is how we start to sing the new alphabet of the Infinite that will create the new reality.

And as we immerse in our self-determined ‘spaces’, we attune to the inspiration that arises within that space.  We become the instigators or the  ‘Givers of Movement and Measure‘, as Almine has described it–the ones who create the spaces in which life is to unfold (measure), and give the movement to the cosmos, by proxy, through what we set in motion in our own lives. “The impetus for the movement is our delighted exploration of the self upon the eternal adventure.” (1) We are now truly living ‘larger than life’.

And we no longer govern life directly, but rather indirectly through excellence that follows inspiration and highest truth, and engagement from lighthearted playfulness–this Almine called ‘incidental proxy magic‘, which is a tool of the one of the 12 fields of Existence.  Truly, life is changed in every way.

Life in the Field of the One is vastly different than was life in the 3 fields of the triad of linear change.   And while in the Field of Intent we were cleaning up our act through coming home to the self and causing life to unfold in harmony between the masculine and feminine, it is only in the Field of the One that there is true indivisibility from Tonal Luminosity.  This is so because in this Field, the 12 dualities that have held separation between meridians can be cleared, causing 12 new archetypes to emerge as the higher powers of the 12 ordinary meridians.   All that we have studied with the meridians serves now as strong foundation to live from indivisibility and a richly nuanced expression of these 12 archetypes. Almine describes that these archetypes were birthed anew, rather than combined from the prior ones…They are the alchemical leveraged result of the prior ones, and are much greater than the sum of its parts..something new.

They are coming in with a completely unique, androgynous expression, that can either be proactive or receptive. … And, it was really quite incredible. They will fully be birthed anew, once you start living, what their Archetypes are. They are thin, like something I can see through, but they will become more solid, and more available to you, and your notes will play loudly and fully, as you live them. So, to live all of these 12 new Archetypes – it is not one at the exclusion of another – living them all makes all the notes for the full Song of the Self, that is number one…. How does this fit into the purpose of life? The Infinite is creating an alphabet … We are looking at the first section of creation of the alphabet’s self-communication, which is the 12. We know there will 20 letters in this self-communication, but for now, let’s just work with the 12.” Almine (2)

These teachings must come to life in us if we are to establish in the field where life is so new.

Support: I will do a call next week, Wednesday at noon my time/11am ET, and we will go over some of the basics of the new reality.  I am also offering private sessions over the next few weeks, in which we will create mini-platforms (as was given at the retreat) in areas of your life, in support of this great transition and deepening in the new.  Here is the link to sign up: Establishing in the Field of the One

And finally, for those who have not yet studied the meridians, I will offer a special pricing for members, on the in depth meridian program. I will post that with tomorrow’s message that will give an overview of where we’ve been and where we seem to be heading!

For today, we are adding the ordinary meridian oil that pertains to the Emerald Green, which is Lotus Oil. Lotus opens up the hidden centers of the body, and is applied on SI-3. Its higher archetype brings Appreciation through Depth of PerceptionToday, take pauses to be in deep presence, feeling the fullness of what is there in the moment, and let arise appreciation for the great privilege of awakening at this time and being part of closing down the old and bringing in a new cosmos.

Today on the Time Map – We are again in an D-2 day, with emotion yielding to perception this time.  In the Field of Dreaming (D), the directive is to not let fear dictate choices, and not be afraid to embrace the new inspirations of our heart. The color is red,which that has the quality of expansion. The “2” focus is on releasing the need to save and coming home to the self.

Fragrance Alchemy

  • *Sacred Space oil, under the feet
  • Apply *Forever New 2 inches below the navel (I reclaim my resources and seal up all leaks!)
  • Apply the *5-element oils
  • Power of the One – wear anywhere you feel to.
  • Essence of Magic  is the High Magic oil for Emerald Green days. (applied on the left temple) . Oil elevates vision to see beyond illusion of time, and helps dissolve the chains that bind from the past. Powerful oil in manifestation. For those with Time Maps, call on your Angel God as you apply the oil.
  • Magnolia for the Yin Wei Meridian, that reconciles Inner and Outer (for the Emerald Green field)
  • Golden Flower –  around the navel, for the Inner Nurturer
  • Alchemist’s Oracle as you use the Runes with the Time map process.
  • Flight of the Falcon, activates the 9th meridian, which attunes you to a benevolent reality.

Rune Support

Today we will linger with the one-card pick on the Emerald Green 6th Field of Godhood–now given the upgraded name of the Field of Alchemy.  Flow the Emerald Green to clear past pain from illusion that you set yourself and others free from the illusions of the past.

(1) Principle of Fullness 15, Almine,
(2) Private retreat with Almine, April 2019

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