Fragrance Alchemy Special ~ Activating Higher Frequencies to Balance Higher Perception

I have received a large shipment of the upgraded FA blends, hand-blended by Almine. These oils stimulate frequencies that balance the growing light in us as we awaken, thus preventing ‘black holes’. Read the post on the Almine Diary, How to Prevent a Black Hole

Extracted from the post (info from an angel god):

  • ” I have come to tell you that the reason why you and your staff feel passionately compelled to devote so much time and care to the Fragrance Alchemy oils, is because they hold (and stimulate) the remaining frequencies that balance the growing light. They are helping the light spread across cosmic space and preventing a black hole from forming around the Earth.”
  • When emphasis is given to promote or create a specific oil, it is shown to you in a dream. That is because that is an exact frequency needed to balance new insights that add to the light. That is also why the oils are changing spontaneously on their own, as you have discovered. What seems so small can yet pivot the destiny of the cosmos.

These upgraded blends are unique, as Almine does them ‘on the fly’, and they are not reproducible in that regard. Each one has her special blessings as she creates them.

Two ‘new’ blends are Song of the Rose and Almine’s Secret Garden-2Song of the Rose now also has the power to heal trauma so that the inner feminine senses can become more deeply expressive.

The oil has been blessed with potent alchemy to heal past loss and trauma, and restore emotional well-being, which in turn helps balance the metabolism and nerve function. Applied around the navel, it helps release birth trauma.” ~The Seer Almine

Secret Garden-2 is used in the protocol to activate the feminine qualities — in particular, it activates the quality of self-regard. The Lily blend is also ‘new’, and it is used to activate the magical quality of innocence.

You will see on the membership page, the new offerings planned going forward, and that includes 10% off on all Fragrance Alchemy orders through the AFA.

You can also email me your order.

Use the discount coupon aibmember10

Blessings of Higher Balancing Frequencies!


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