Emotional Alchemy Program Starting June 11th!

Dear Ones

This has been the most challenging program to offer!  I planned to start it months ago, but as soon as I committed to it so much more poured in by way of revelation, that it made the context so much bigger each time and I had to adjust things. While the context is still shifting from under my feet, the overall infrastructure for manifesting in the new is clear that it’s time to get this out.

I also think it’s the nature of being in the new reality of infinity, limitlessness, and boundlessness–that you can only glimpse a few steps ahead in a reality that is ever new and changes by the potentials that we engage…

So it is time to bring this out now, and I feel if will open things up for incredible magic through leveraging our unique gifts or perspective as we learn to operate in what I all, the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness.


  • Now the next challenge is how to bring this out. I could spend a year preparing all the materials I wish to create for it (and there will be an Emotional Alchemy App), but that is not the way to go–so I will be creating what I can as we go along.
  • And then another challenge is that participants are at different levels of understanding with the materials–some are very current, others are new, and yet others are in-between.

So this is what I plan to do:

I will do two groups.

First group, we start next week and dive in. Some materials are there, others will be created over time…and I’ll do meditation sessions too.  I did the teachings for Elyse and parts of it with Willy–just to get some videos recorded that cover the basics, so that there are core teaching videos to refer to. All our sessions will be recorded too, but the context is so vast that it may be helpful to have versions of the same topic. So rather than referring back to the same video, you can go back to another presentation of the same topic.


The Tools of Co-Creation and their Refined Expression through Emotion

We have lived through four ‘seasons’–four great stages of evolution that have brought us great gifts of creative power by way of perspective and emotion. As I use the terms, perception is the faculty of perspectives that opens up windows of possibility; feeling states generate attitude (and vice versa) which causes emotions to flow.

Essentially, 1- the future is created in the Heart — it is what is called forth from the eternally unfolding moment according the the Song of the Heart.  2- Heart creates all emotion — it either creates emotion that is distorted that creates illusion, or emotion that is harmonious to the real.

We are harmless when Heart creates harmonious emotions because then whatever we create is in alignment with divine intent. And the corollary holds too: we are harmful when Heart creates emotions that are dissonant with highest truth. In the latter case, we are under the law of compensation and karma, and we set in motion the undoing of the illusion that we create.

3- Emotion shapes matter or the forms in our environment.

What is Emotional Alchemy?

When we master expression through the four lenses of Transformation, Transmutation, Transfiguration, and Transcendence, we create new possibilities for NEW reality.   Through our wholeness, we create for all life, from a new building block–the awareness particle–that supersedes the old building blocks of atomic matter.  Unless all four layers of our psyche and being are expressing, we are not manifesting from wholeness, and the part left out will become our tyrant that creates mirrors of illusion. In this case, we are not creating the new.  There is a precise map and formula to manifest from the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness.

When we sing tones of all four fields, a fifth is produced as a leveraged alchemy that comes from the presence of the Infinite, we then sing in the octave of the 5th, whereby all that we intend is taken up as cosmic intent–that’s what being a co-creator is about. Our magic is then incidental to our inspired expression, because it is aligned with All That Is.

Emotional Alchemy is the process by which we can draw forth the creative power of the Feminine, in response to the Masculine’s innocent perception, and their union is the ‘spark’ that births the new, and it is the place of androgyny where the Infinite joins in the High Alchemy of manifesting the new through the Many.

The program will lay out how to release the distortions on each level, and activate expression that cooperates with manifesting a real environment, from the Field of the One.   We will go through each level of change and explore the distinct emotional expression and awaken the true expression of the sub-personalities of the Inner Family or inner psyche. As the Inner Family becomes a unified field,  that is when we assemble our very own reality, and are no longer in the world of atoms.

The power on each field will be revealing, and it will bring tremendous hope and faith that we can indeed manifest a new world.  We are told that we’ve never lived the true power of sub-personalities, and that’s because they remain placeholders unless they are part of a unified whole. Only now is whole being expression and whole being flourishing possible. In wholeness, inner and outer merge as one, and the whole cosmos becomes our cherished expression, from the reclamation of earth our home…as the central fractal patterns of creation.

As the Inner Family is lived a unified field, we become conscious in the subconscious, and that is how we co-create and how we become sacred government through self-government. Almine has said that our enlightened expression through the meridians is how we govern life–our meridians harmonize with the meridians of the earth, which guide beings on earth along ‘rivers of divine intent’.

Another thing Almine stated that has not been brought out yet, is that the Horary clock no longer holds when we are in our true power.   The meridian clock then begins with our personal sunrise, and it changes through the year. The earth syncs up with your Lung meridian, and life where you are is guided by the creative flow of Qi through your meridian system. (1)  Everyone will have their own experiences through the program, as we are all at varying levels of awakening, but the program will give you the clear map to enter into the School of the Gods.

Program Details

Basically, I will be teaching what the true expression of emotion is on each of the 4 Fields.  This will take us directly to expressing the sub-personalities from oneness, and will activate the 4 sub-personas of evolved awareness, the 8 extraordinary meridians, as well as refine expression through the 12 ordinaries.

I have done about 8 recorded sessions as I presented things to Willy and Elyse, and those will be  part of resources, as well as the session recordings.  The basic teachings will probably be about 8 – 10 sessions, then I will add meditation sessions to deepen with, and depending on how participants are integrating the teachings, we may do Q&A sessions, and exercises between sessions. It is my goal to have this become embodied and lived.

So far I have about 10 people for each group, which is about what I thought would be a good number. If you have not emailed me and wish to join, let me know. Why I want small groups is because I want to track how people are taking things in, and will figure out what may be needed as extra support. So this is experimental for me. After this run, the program will be self-study, with possible bi-monthly meditation sessions.

During the program, I will share materials that may be helpful and will be creating  meditations and other support. Materials are not ready yet, so know that it’s being created as we go along, and most likely, parts of it will come after the program completes.


There are no hard prerequisites, but understanding the meridians and the Inner Family is a help, as well as the emotions, states of being and heart energies from Belvaspata book 1.  If you are not up on these things, I can suggest materials to work with before the 2nd group begins. Email me in that case.


I anticipate that the first group may be shorter, but I really can’t say at this point.  So both are the same price, and if in the first group and something we do in 2nd is extra, I’ll let you know and you can get the recording.

  • US$475
  • AiB members can apply the 15% off discount code.

If you need a payment plan or would like to discuss other possible options, please email me. I do not wish to exclude anyone who feels called to this. I have put up an option for a first payment of $200, and we can work out terms for the balance later.

First group will begin tentatively on Thursday at 1pm AT / noon ET.   I will look at time zones and may rotate a bit to suit everyone.  So if that general time is bad, please let me know.

I set up a payment button on the AiB Shop – Emotional Alchemy Program

(1) The meridian clock on the RME already has the option to sync up the clock to the your location’s sunrise, thanks to Dave’s dedication!

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