EMF Protection Support ~ Products and Practices

 “The EMF Products are really going to be needed soon, once many more cell towers start going up.” Almine

We have many tools, and if you need to place orders, please do so!  You can email me directly if that is easier.

These are all the things we have that address this directly:

Other supporting tools

  • Color light explosions – 3 times per day
  • The EMF Sigils – a set of 3 that are stacked and placed under computers and other devices. One of them is specifically for cell phones! (comes with purchase of any EMF product)
  • Forever New – closes up the leak at the edge or our fields, where our resources are siphoned off

And of course, the work you do to close down the gaps where interference may come in is essential…(as we are exploring on the Adventures in Boundlessness Platform…)

  • 12 Ordinary meridians becoming a unified field — then you operate from whole being presence on all dimensions of lie
  • 3-centers alignment / Mini-platforms (getting body to attune to a reality outside of polarity and interference, activates the 4th reality)
  • 5 Elements — you become sourced in yourself as the One Life
  • Qi Vesta guild assignments — once you’ve completed the Huna (see mentoring program here). These close down the ‘gaps’ in the sub-atomic building blocks of life, and cause the emergence of incorruptible matter. You are then impervious.

If you want to dive into any of the above more deeply, send me an email and I’ll direct you to resources!  anita.lucia.briggs@gmail.com


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