A Live Retreat ~ Ireland 2023!

Dear Ones

Just putting out there what is stirring as inspiration…

Ciara and I are discussing hosting a live week-long retreat in Ireland (same retreat place we were in, in 2018). The theme will be High Manifestation once again, but this time we are so much more able to take it up! A gathering of many in ceremony can have a very significant impact, as did that retreat in 2018. (Not mentioned was that Almine rushed the production of the 5 element oils for the event, and said we were averting a major bombing incident that would have escalated into a war…We do everything by inspiration and in innocent surrender, and life can then optimize potentials through us...)

Below is a short description, just to give you an idea.

The retreat will be immersive and experiential, with group ceremony and sacred rituals, yogas and breath practice, indoor/outdoor, dreamtime intentions for group alchemy, high alchemy of sharing perspectives with the group, etc. We will have the Urusak on site so we are all creating and drinking holy water, and will explore and activate¬† the ‘Veil’ components — the 5 elements, full Inner Family, Bird Clock –, deepening connection to Earth and hidden realms, full chakra activation and planetary wheels (if we have it), ceremonies with gemstone and four kingdoms alchemy, 5-centers body activation, and whatever else is ours to do at the time!

We are looking at August so that we can do more outdoor activities, but flights are more expensive. So October is an option too — it can still be very beautiful for outdoor excursions…

If you’re interested, please send me an email with preference of month.¬† We just need to see the numbers, to know which retreat house to book and for when.



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3 thoughts on “A Live Retreat ~ Ireland 2023!

    • Kathleen O'Hara Farren says:

      I am laughing at my ‘knowing the Irish weather’ comment! Anything is possible, weather-wise here. The photos above of the last retreat, show the early autumn warmth & sunshine!

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